Anne Hurst

From: Calvin Hurst, October 2006

My Anne passed away on October 2nd.  She was diagnoised with Leukemia on Jan 30., went through Chemo until Mar 9, then was told she had little chance of surviving a consolidation round of Chemo.  We got a second opinion at MD Anderson and the prognoses was 6 months to a year.  She made it 7 months but then the Leukemia took all her breath away.  Please donate amount to the Leukemia  & Lymphomia Society, 8111 LBJ Freeway,Suite 425 Dallas, TX 75251.

Anne was full of life to the very end, always do for others consuling a multitude of others in need.  She so enjoyed the outdoors from our caving, backpacking, skiing, sailing and traveling to the ends of the earth.  Last year we came back from London on the Queen Mary, spent 4 weeks in Ukrain and Russia, $ more weeks in China and Tibet and finally 3 weeks in S America around the horn.


Anne at Everest Base Camp in 1999.  No grass ever grew under her feet.

Calvin Hurst

Anne was active with the Dallas Fort Worth Grotto in the 70's and 80's. Anne opened Backpackers World in North Dallas in the late 70's with Calvin. Anne always had a great smile and friendly attitude. It was a great pleasure to have known her and been on caving trips with her.

--Ron Miller