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2010 TSA Spring Convention
March 26th-28th, 2010
Texas Cave Conservancy (TCC) Headquarters,
1800 West Park Street, Cedar Park, TX

For more information, contact the TSA Vice-Chair at TSA Vice-Chair

Note:  information is subject to change.

TSA Bats

The TSA, founded in 1956, has been bringing cavers from around Texas for over 50 years.  TSA Spring convention is a great time for all of us to come together with family and friends to enjoy group meals, presentations, workshops, new works at the Map & Photo Salon, treasures at the TCMA auction, business meetings, and your favorite vendors.

The spring convention is the annual technical meeting featuring presentations on projects and information on the scientific aspects of caving.

Interesting Talks-Photo Pete Lindsley A great meal from the TCCC Cooks-Photo Pete Lindsley Visiting with friends-Photo Pete Lindsley

2010 TSA Spring Convention
March 26th-28th, 2010
Texas Cave Conservancy (TCC) Headquarters,
1800 West Park Street, Cedar Park, TX

Location MAP

Fees: $15 per person and $40 for a family of 3 or more.  Fees are much less expensive thanks to TCC hosting us!

Here is why the TCC headquarters will be a great place for the 2010 TSA Spring Convention on March 26-28th:

  • Urban Convention (seconds from Austin) where locals have the choice to go home to their fuzzy beds at night
  • Nearby meeting facility seats 100+ and is suitable for digital presentations
  • Maps and photos will be set up in the headquarters
  • Room will be available for everyone's personal evening slideshows
  • Pets are allowed off leashes, at your own risk
  • Loads of nice camping
  • Caving available very nearby
  • Nice, cozy place to hang out during the evening
  • Party on Friday night hosted by the TCC
  • Movie night showcasing our best/worst/favorite caving related movies....so bring yours!
  • Convenient cooking facilities for our wonderful cooks
Diana Tomchick prepares margaritas-Photo Pete Lindsley Jim Kennedy gave a great talk on the WNS problem with bats dying off-Photo Pete Lindsley Mark Alman takes a photo of the cook's activities-Photo Pete Lindsley

Attend great caving presentations: From high adventure to highly educational, from local to out of this world.

Meet fellow cavers and project leaders from around the state.  This is a great opportunity to become involved with ongoing projects and create future caving opportunities for all.

See the latest and greatest Maps and Photos of your favorite caves.

Come by and visit with suppliers of caving related books & merchandise.

Enjoy a unique and healthy dinner prepared by Stephan and the TCCC - Texas Cavers Cooking Crew

Support Texas caves by participating in the TCMA fundraiser auction.

Attend the TSA meeting on Saturday & TCMA meeting on Sunday for an opportunity to offer your input and insight into the future of Texas caving.

Site Information

Texas Cave Conservancy (TCC) Headquarters, 1800 West Park Street, Cedar Park, TX.  TCC Article.....

If you have any questions about facilities, contact TSA Vice-Chair.

The park has lots of campsites.

Dogs are allowed off leash!

Convention Events

Diana Tomchick & Bill Steele have graciously agreed to host the program this year and are no doubt ready to wow us with another year of great talks on cave geology, biology, conservancy, and exploration.  Please be thinking about interesting topics to present at the convention.

Map Salon

Photo Salon

TCMA Auction

Recycle your old junk into caves - Get ready for another incredible TCMA Auction! at the TSA Spring Convention. If you have donations please contact auction@tcmacaves.org.