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SWT Grotto Reunion

Who:  Past and present members of the SWT Grotto, San Marcos, Texas
What: The SWT Grotto celebrates its 40th year anniversary in October 2007
Where:  At the Texas Caver Reunion, located at Paradise Canyon Park on the Medina River
When:  October 19-21, 2007. The main event will be Saturday and Saturday night

In September 1967, the SWT Grotto held its first club meeting on the campus of Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State University, located in San Marcos,  Texas. In 2007, we will be 40 years old.  Although we are no longer an active grotto, we had our day. Many of us remember the grotto in the 1970's when we were very active in Texas, other states, and Mexico.

Help us remember those days by attending the SWT Grotto reunion in October this year.  Meet your old friends from the grotto and share stories about the good ole days.  Bring print photos, slides, digital photos and caving memorabilia from the days when you were a SWT caver.

What you can do now:

Help us find people.  Click on members list and look through the names.  If you see someone that is not marked "Found" and you think you know where they are, please try to track them down first to let them know about the reunion, and ask them to email us us with their contact info, including mailing address and telephone #s if possible.  Search engines like Google and AnyWho and ask.com are good places to find folks.  If you prefer, you can also e-mail us with whatever contact info you have and we'll do what we can.  We don't have time to find everyone ourselves, so the more you can do the better.

What you can do in October:

Come out and enjoy the reunion.  Check back here from time to time for further information and updates on planned activities.  There is a fee of around $25 to attend the Texas Caver Reunion; no additional fees are expected for the SWT Reunion.

The reunion will be held at Paradise Canyon Park located on the banks of the beautiful Medina River a few miles west of San Antonio.  See the Texas Caver Reunion site for details on the location.  Dogs will be allowed during the weekend, but they must be kept under control and picked up after.  Their web site may say no dogs, but we have special permission to have them this weekend since we are renting the whole park.  Check out their web site http://ParadiseCanyon.comMap to Paradise Canyon. TSA TCR Webpage Allan Cobb's TCR Webpage.

Bring a lawn chair and meals, except for Saturday night when a great feast will be provided as part of your TCR fee.  Bring print photos, slides, digital slides, your old caving gear like hard hat, carbide lamp, and rope, and other memorabilia you may have kept from the years you were a member of the grotto, and especially stories of your caving experiences.

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