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May 02, 2014

May 04, 2014

TSA Spring Convention

Location: Boerne, TX - Cave Without A Name

This is annual, technical meeting with presentations from cavers about cave sciences, exploration, project status and displays in the Map/Photo Salon.

Presentations will be on Saturday, May 3 and Mallory Mayeux has graciously agreed to enlist speakers for the program so it should be another great year. Contact Mallory at the e-mail address below if you'd like to be a speaker.

– Posted: 2014-03-01

Spring Convention 2014 Page

Cave Without A Name


TSA Vice-Chair

Program Chairman


May 09, 2014

May 11, 2014

Colorado Bend State Park Project

Location: Colorado Bend State Park, Bend, San Saba County, TX

We are helping document information on the caves and karst of Colorado Bend State Park to aid in management and future research.  Currently there are over 400 caves and karst features in the Park.  Cavers of all experience levels are welcome, as there are a wide variety of caves at the Park and a large number of tasks to be done.

– Posted: 2013-09-13



Will Quast

Kris Pena


Jul 14, 2014

Jul 18, 2014

NSS Convention

Location: NSS Headquarters in Huntsville, Al

For more information, contact the e-mail address below:

– Posted: 2012-08-18

Olivia 'Liv' McKinsey


Oct 09, 2014

Oct 12, 2014

Texas Cavers Reunion - TCR

Location: Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds

Located at:

7200 Spring Branch Rd
Spring Branch, Texas 78070

– Posted: 2014-04-02

TCR Page

Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds